About the city

Travelling to Agadir


GETTING AROUND Getting to the most beautiful seaside resort in Morocco is easy. After spending time here though, leaving may be difficult. But to make getting there easier, Made in Medina has found the various ways of getting to the coast and the beaches that await you.

For travellers coming from abroad, the city’s international airport is served by many European and even American airlines. Direct flights from all over Europe arrive in Agadir daily. Prices vary depending on the season and the airline.

Local travellers have their pick of transportation options to bring them safely and comfortably to the city.

Unfortunately the city does not yet have train service from Marrakech, but the freeway opened in June 2010, makes travelling to the city much easier. Now, it takes only eight hours to travel to Tangiers, previously it took double that. And with the railway expansion project currently on hold, train service to Agadir may still be years away.

But most Moroccans and tourists come by car. Many tour companies offer trips to Agadir from all major cities in Morocco and range from budget to higher end like Supratours and CTM. And with two new lanes on the freeway, the road to Agadir is less painful. Eurolines, in partnership with the national CTM, also offers trips to Agadir from Paris and Tours en France has competitive prices. Nevertheless, the trip is long, lasting more than 40 hours.

For more information on getting to and from Agadir, contact one of the above mentioned companies.