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Tifnit, the life of fishermen


READ Forty kilometers south of Agadir, the fishing village of Tifnit has several centuries of history within its beautiful landscape.

Between cliffs, blue boats and the fresh sea breeze, this remains one of the most beautiful villages in Morocco. Visitors come to enjoy the beach surrounded by dunes and sheltered by the surrounding plateaus, sometimes the strong winds here make it good for water sports activities, much like in Agadir. 

At the end of the only road leading to the village, there are quiet stretches of sand that fill you with a sense of freedom as you walk there. It is a hugely popular destination for tourists, Tifnit works hard to preserve its nature and residents devote alot of time to keeping it clean. 

The lifestyle of those who live in Tifnit tells the story of this ancient village, their houses are built of natural materials, giving it a perfect picture-postcard effect. Fishing makes up the major part of like for people here, who sell their catch of the day on the beach, ranging from squid, cuttlefish, monkfish, sea bass, mackerel and sole at affordable prices. 

Visiting Tifnit also offers a chance to explore the National Park Souss-Massa. This natural preserve is where you can find endangered birds. 

Text Stéphanie Jacob

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo Diana