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The old Kasbah of Agadir


TOURISM Before the earthquake of 1960, which destroyed Agadir, the city had two districts, Oufeda and Azzadar. The main one, which has 18,000 inhabitants, remains today, the remains of an ancient Kasbah can also be found.

236 meters high, the fortress probably has the best views of Agadir, the gateway to the ancient Kasbah stands proud. This building and its walls were built in 1540 by King Mohammed Ech-Cheikh Saadi, to withstand the onslaught of the portugese. It is here we come to Oufeda, what we call the upper town, lively and vibrant. In order to strengthen the security of the city, the site was rebuilt in 1752, it was also around this time that the famous inscription on the gate of the Kasbah, still visible today, was inscribed, ‘Fear God and honor thy King.’

 After the earthquake in 1960, the only remains of the Kasbah left was the original front door, the rest of the space is now used as a cemetery.

You enter the old Kasbah by a road that is found at the end of Boulevard Mohammed V, which starts winding down the famous hill town that reads “God, country, King”. Taxis make the trip up but you can also go on foot, which takes about twenty minutes. You can also find the services of a tour guide which makes the visit more informative, the site is a must tourist spot.

Text Stephanie Jacob

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