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The honey festival in Imouzzer Ida-Outanane


TOURISM The summer months are an annual opportunity to go about 60 kilometers north-east of Agadir, in the village of Ida Imouzzer Outanane, known for it’s waterfalls, this mountainous region is also known for it’s honey.

Paradise Valley is aptly named, this Berber region consists of entire villages with red and white coloured houses. The centre of the village, is the jewel of the region, honey. Flavoured with herbs, thyme and lavender, honey is offered to visitors as well as a wide range of local produce. Amlou, a mix of honey, argan oil and almonds is a regular among honeymooners.

The honey festival allows all professionals to exchange their practice of beekeeping, this sweet treasure is the livelihood of many families and generates significant income for the region.

You can participate alongside experts, savoring different nectars and elect the best. Producers are then rewarded for the quality of their products.

Through demonstrations on honey production and the rearing of queen bees, you will know all about this unique product, which since ancient times, has been a powerful antibacterial medicine.

Do not miss the collective hive in the walls of clay, where the honey harvested is divided into boxes. Enjoy the journey to see the orchards with olives, almonds and argan, even if the water only flows in winter, this mountainous region offers magnificent scenery of rocks and waterfalls.

Pure, fair and responsible tourism!


Text Stephanie Jacob

Photo DR