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The beauties of nature in Tamri


VISIT In the Agadir region, the city of Tamri is best known for it's cultivation of bananas, small, sweet and savoury, the city has a reputation for the best..but not just that. Tamri is also a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

The area is renowned for the beauty of its landscapes and variety of activities available to visitors, on both land and in the sea. Starting from Agadir, the road to Tamri is lined with bananas and of course the famous Argan, found only in this region. 

Nature Reserve Tamri is abou sixty kilometres from Agadir, it is home to the last colonies of Ibis, the bald bird. This species of bird is endangered, mainly due to hunting, poisoning pesticide and loss of their foraging habitat. This balck and blue bird has a long curved red beak and takes its name from its bald head. The beauty of the place and the protection of the animal allowed the subject to be classified by UNESCO. There is an abundance of flora and fauna of great variety and the river Tamri, which is an important natural water source. 

Family outing

Forty kilometers north-west of Agadir, Cape Ghir is an ideal destination for fresh air for the whole family. On this promontory on the Atlantic coast, a lighthouse stands proudly since 1932. Photography enthusiasts will be delighted by the breathtaking scenery. 


Tamri is a spot where surfers are sure to find waves, the north side of the area is much better than the spots south of Anchor or killer.

Tamri is a great destination and one not to be missed!

Text Stéphanie Jacob

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo Christine Boose