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Saphia Azzedine, a country girl


PEOPLE It is in Agadir the famous novelist was born in 1979. Born to a French-Moroccan mother, a native of Normandy and a Moroccan father born in Figuig, she has managed to entwine her dual culture into her art.

Following several different influences, Saphia is a bit of everything at once and this is what makes her a talented women, who has proved herself in literature. In 2010 and 2011, she also proved herself in the world of cinema, first in her role L'Italian, Oliver Baroux's movie, in which she played the part of Amel, then in 2011, in her own film inspired by her novel in 2009. Everything began in 2008 with Confidences a Allah, a testimony on the oppression of women, in particular those of Maghreb. The novelist spoke matter of factly about a young girl robbed of freedom, violence governed by a whole family and the constraints of an entire society. 

Raised in Morocco, in the city of Agadir until the age of nine, Saphia Azzedine then moved to France where she won literary awards and a degree in sociology. After a stay in the United States and Geneva, she began her career as a journalist, writer and author. Her most recent novel, 'will you marry me?' was published this year, a social satire and cruel as Saphia knows how to do so well. 

Text Stéphanie Jacob

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo Antoine Doyen