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A French footballer, from the region of Agadir


FOOTBALL Saida, a local girl with dreams to one day wear the colours of the Moroccan national team, is the 19 year old already changing the French women's national team.

Saida Akharraze has played football for ten years, it all started in the streets, sharing a football with boys in her neighbourhood. Then clubs like Olympique Lyonnais helped her to reach the first division of the French league in the ranks of Guincamp, as a mid-fielder. After more than twenty international games played, Saida is a positive assest to the French national team.

Born in France, November the 4th, 1992, the player has not forgotten her roots. Her pride in being Moroccan pushes her ambitions to one day join the Lionesses of the Atlas. Saida Akharraze believes that the national team of Morocco would benefit by integrating players from Europe and local players who could work wonders together. The lack of training centres in Morocco slows down the evolution of women's football, resulting in many Moroccan players to dream ofplaying in foreign countries or abandon their dreams all together.

The first official Lioness of the Atlas match was played against South Africa on July 5th, 1998, then then arrived in the quarter final of the championship in 2012.

We wish Saida Akharraze the best of luck and we hope to one day see her fulfill her ambitions.

Text Stephanie Jacob

Photo EAG

Translation Karen Athwal






Translation Karen Athwal