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9th Festival Timitar in Agadir, from the 27th to 30th of June, 2012


FESTIVAL The Amazigh artists in the region of Souss, welcome every year forthis festival, musicians across the country and abroad. Openness to the world and a willingness to share cultures and sounds sums up the concept of this festival.

At the end of June, Agadir will celebrate with music and the expected presence of 400 artists from all backgrounds, who will offer 44 free concerts. The two headliners will be the legendary froup of the 70s and 80s, Earth Wind and Fire and Iraqi singer, Kadhem Saher. Onstage, various singers and musicians will take turns, coming from Colombia, US, Angola, Korea and New Guinea. All in all a variety of music to please everyone in the crowd.

 Agadir again shows its openness to international art with this festival, which ranks in the top of the most important events in the country. The perfect organization and free performances are all assets to its success.  

 Timitar is also an association, which works to discover young talent and assists groups with promotion in the region such as Izenzaren. This iconic group of Amazugh Culture will soon release a new album, Akal, after 22 years, the album will be produced by the association, with a goal to protect its copyright.

A festival with heart, like the inhabitants of Souss.


Text Stephanie Jacob



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