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In the region of the popular Argan tree, women have been using this oil for centuries. Techniques are past from generation to generation, in the steam room using natural products like henna, scrubs, exfoliants and waxing is practiced regularly and are rituals for major events in women’s lives, like marriage. It is more...
In Agadir, a city by the sea, you can enjoy delicious dishes of fish and shellfish, freshly caught, in beautiful surroundings.
Made in Agadir, brings you a tour of the best places in the city to enjoy a dish of fish and seafood.
Made in Agadir brings you a list of beautiful chocolates from some the best chocolatiers in town.
The Maya, attributed the discovery of chocolate to God, uses it for special occasions such as weddings. While the Aztecs associated chocolate with the goddess of fertility, these stories show the high passionate pl...
PEOPLE It is in Agadir the famous novelist was born in 1979. Born to a French-Moroccan mother, a native of Normandy and a Moroccan father born in Figuig, she has managed to entwine her dual culture into her art.
READ Forty kilometers south of Agadir, the fishing village of Tifnit has several centuries of history within its beautiful landscape.
MISS After the Miss Events in 2013, which was held in December 2012 in Agadir, Morocco's Miss Event, held last Saturday 18th May in the heart of the Hotel Cordons Bleus, the big winner, Olymata Dieng, was crowned in front of a crowd of more than five hundred people.
VISIT In the Agadir region, the city of Tamri is best known for it's cultivation of bananas, small, sweet and savoury, the city has a reputation for the best..but not just that. Tamri is also a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.
FESTIVAL The Amazigh artists in the region of Souss, welcome every year forthis festival, musicians across the country and abroad. Openness to the world and a willingness to share cultures and sounds sums up the concept of this festival.
TOURISM The summer months are an annual opportunity to go about 60 kilometers north-east of Agadir, in the village of Ida Imouzzer Outanane, known for it’s waterfalls, this mountainous region is also known for it’s honey.
TOURISM Before the earthquake of 1960, which destroyed Agadir, the city had two districts, Oufeda and Azzadar. The main one, which has 18,000 inhabitants, remains today, the remains of an ancient Kasbah can also be found.
FOOTBALL Saida, a local girl with dreams to one day wear the colours of the Moroccan national team, is the 19 year old already changing the French women's national team.
The Seaside town of Agadir is the top destination for hot summer days. A city with a beautiful Marina, modern infrastructure and beaches classified as the most beautiful in the world, attract foreign and Moroccan tourists alike. Families, couples and friends, there is fun for everyone, enjoy a stay at the seaside and c...
GETTING AROUND Getting to the most beautiful seaside resort in Morocco is easy. After spending time here though, leaving may be difficult. But to make getting there easier, Made in Medina has found the various ways of getting to the coast and the beaches that await you.
MARINA For several years, the city of Agadir has been one of the most popular seaside resorts in Morocco, benefitting from a comfortable climate year round. And it’s why the local and national authorities decided to build a marina which has become an economic and touristic asset to the region.
You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to head out with your lover. Check out Made in Medina’s choices for dining in a romantic and charming setting.
Grab your friends and have a night out on the town. Whether it’s been a beautiful day on teh beach, or a long day of work, the nightlife in Agadir will take you to another place. And with Made in Medina’s selection, “tonight’s gonna be a good, good night!”
Agadir is a destination of choice for those looking for some wellness treatments, and in particular its mineral springs, cures and treatments. So don’t hesitate to relax and unwind at one of Made in Medina’s favourite places for thalassaotherapy.
Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Moroccan cuisine or international fare, Made in Medina has a selection of restaurants that are sure to please your taste buds, and your pocketbook, all in the heart of Agadir.
Feeling lucky? Made in Medina has prepared a list of casinos in Agadir for those looking to take a bit of a risk. Pleasure and distraction guaranteed in Agadir.
After taking in the sites of Agadir, a little cafe break is necessary. Made in Medina has a list of the best cafes and tea rooms where you’ll enjoy a delicious hot drink or multi-vitamin fruit cocktail. Whether with friends or family, or just a quiet moment to yourself.

New in Agadir

Hotel Omega

A short distance from the beach, Hotel Omega has 96 rooms, a restaurant, a swimming pool, a bar and a nightclub.

Harmonie des Sens

Harmonie des Sens is a beauty centre and hammam. Massage services, permanent make-up, hairdressing and body scrubs are some of the services available.

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